Your Church Council, in its meeting on March 14, engaged in the following significant actions:

  • Reviewed and celebrated our ongoing progress as we work to more fully live into our Vision (Transforming lives by connecting people to God and to one another) and Mission (Spiritually nourish and grow a faithful, active congregation of Christ followers who extend love and generosity in supporting the needs of all others.)
  • Agreed to partner with LowCountry Habitat for Humanity in becoming a named sponsor of the Lewis home to be built at 3006 Walnut Street in Port Royal. The start of this house is possible because of the $50K funding provided by Church of the Palms.
  • Allocated $25K towards the initial start-up of the Endowment Fund supporting Church of the Palms. (See the latest Q&A article on the Endowment in this issue.) With this initial funding, it will soon be possible for anyone to make contributions. Watch for details soon.
  • Received information from the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) about the next pastor of Church of the Palms, who will be announced at all services this weekend. SPRC also reported on the transition work ahead. Finally, SPRC announced a drop-in farewell reception would be held for Pete and Kathy on Sunday, May 28.
  • Reviewed the preliminary financial statements for February, which reflect your ongoing faithfulness and generosity.

Jill Swab is the Chair of the Church Council.

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