changesahead01sqLatest update as of October 9.

Clayton Construction is ready to start extensive work on the renovation of the current building.

The kitchen and classrooms are out of commission.

Construction barriers have been hung to allow truss work in the attic to continue. The new isle wall will be constructed starting next week.

Groups that normally meet in those areas are welcomed to use the sanctuary space if it fits their needs. Examples are Scouts, who will be meeting in the sanctuary during this time. Other examples are Sisters!! and Brothers! who are welcomed to continue meeting, but in the sanctuary and without access to the kitchen.

It will not be possible to continue as "usual" until we move temporarily into the new building the first part of December, but we're committed to doing the best we can.

Please contact any of the staff team for the latest and make use of this for the latest updates. Updates will be provided weekly via the Palms Notes.


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