The leadership of Church of the Palms is provided by those individuals who are elected by the annual Charge Conference.

The individuals below will be the leaders of the church for 2017, as elected by  the Charge Conference on November 13, 2016

Church Council  
Pastor   Pete Berntson
Lay Leader*   Larry Sanders
Associate Lay Leader   David Voyles
Chair, Church Council*     John McMullan
Lay Member of Annual Conference*   Larry Sanders
Chair, Finance*   Bob Whyte  
Chair, Staff Parish Relations*   Bob Lane
Chair, Trustees*   Chick Mazon
Chair, Missions*   Jeff Harrison
Chair, Worship*   Brenda Berg
Chair, Stewardship*   Richard Robertson
Chair, Evangelism*   David Voyles
Chair, Nurture*   (open)
Chair, Adult Education*   Chick Mazon
Chair, Children  Ministry Team*   (open)
Chair, Youth Ministry Team*   (open)
Communications Coordinator*   Donita Todd
Recording Secretary   Sandy Collins
      *denotes voice and vote on Council  


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