sharing01As part of the connectional system of the United Methodist Church, Church of the Palms supports the following missions. This support flows from Church of the Palms through our connectional giving and special church-wide offerings:
  • Africa University
  • Black College Fund
  • Ministerial Education Fund
  • Interdenominal Cooperation Fund
  • Congregregational Development Fund
  • Camps and Retreats Ministries
  • Methodist Homes Residents' Assistance
  • Campus Ministry
  • Spartanburg Methodist College
  • Senior College Scholarships

Church Wide Special Sundays with Offerings:
  • Human Relations Day 
  • One Great Hour of Sharing                   
  • World Communion                                           
  • Peacemaking Ministries
  • Native American Ministries
  • United Methodist Student Day
Church of the Palms has been intentional in its support as demonstrated by giving 100% of its allocated share each year since it was chartered in 2001.

umcor01The United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) is the humanitarian relief and development agency of the United Methodist Church that responds to natural or human made disasters—those interruptions of such magnitude that they overwhelm a community's ability to recover on its own.

UMCOR's mission is to alleviate human suffering—whether caused by war, conflict, or natural disaster—with open minds and hearts to all people. UMCOR offers integrated solutions to the communities in the US and abroad. The agency's methodology identifies priority areas and provides opportunities for the community to access assistance as and when it is needed. UMCOR does this by treating the community as a whole, encouraging them to regard assistance as an opportunity and not charity, and working with communities to render assistance.

Church of the Palms provided financial support to UMCOR's relief efforts addressing the tornados and flooding that occur in the US this past year, in addition to their work in Japan following the earthquake.

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