Church of the Palms has a wonderful story and history, along with clear beliefs, and a dedicated ministry team. Please use these different sections to explore the many different aspects.

Our Journey

The start of our journey can be traced back to October 6, 1997. It was then that a planning group, called the Dream Team and led by Rev. Russell Freeman, first had the concept of a new church forming in this area.

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Our Location

It is called Okatie. You won't easily find it on the map. It is more an area than a town or city. But it is where we are located, at the intersection of Highway 170 and Argent Boulevard.

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Our Staff Team

Our team is small but dedicated. Learn more about them!

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Our Beliefs

As part of the United Methodist Church we ascribe and uphold the critical beliefs of this great denomination formed in 1968.

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Our Worship

Worship is the heartbeat of the church and one of the first ways people come to connect with God and with us. Learn more about our worship and a typical Sunday morning.

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Our Facebook

Eager to connect with YOU, we use several social media methods of communication including a Facebook page.

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Contact Us

Need even more information? Simply contact us and we will do our best!

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